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Waving the White Flag

How many of you, like us, have fully embraced the yoga pants and messy bun? It has become the trademark of #momlife. Let's face it, when we're chasing babies, toddlers, or any age of energetic kid, the yoga pants make it a lot easier. The messy bun starts when they start pulling hair and then sticks around because we have to be up before God intended to take them to school. How many of you have also let the mom life define who you are? A mom of three under three that hasn't slept in three years and can't get on top of the cleaning, laundry, shaving her legs or even showering. A mom of an ADHD child that anxiously awaits the teachers report each day. A foster mom or adoptive mom that has had too many rough days and needs a good one. A special needs mom trying to navigate the system. Or the woman that still so desperately wants to be a mom. We watch other women on social media and believe that we're the only ones struggling with where we're at. We believe that to be strong we have to try to do it ourselves, and rarely ask for help. We get stuck in yoga pants and messy bun mom life. They didn't teach us how to raise kids in high school, or college. Home Economics did not cover tantrums over the color of a sippy cup. But, you know what? Parenthood is not new and there is another mom out there who has been in our shoes and lived to tell about it. Women are smart. We learn from our experiences. We seek God in our trials and in His sovereignty, He answers us. He brings other women into our lives to help us. To share wisdom and knowledge. It takes a village because one can be overpowered, two can defend themselves, and a cord of three is not easily broken. So we're sending out an S.O.S. Let's come together in this thing called life, sharing our stories and helping each other find the truth of God that we need to persevere. Send Help ladies!!

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