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Hello, we are Send Help Podcast

We are two moms living in the trenches. Between our crazy kids, amazing husbands, our jobs and our lives; we are surviving on coffee and the grace of God. We want to be a lifeline for other women, bringing encouragement through Jesus, laughter, and sisterhood.  There is power in the word of God, shared in our testimonies. So we also want to provide a platform for other women to share their stories and how BIG our God is. So refill your coffee and join us on our journey, We're so glad to have you with us.

Amanda Olson

Voice Talent

Hi! I'm Amanda Olson.

I was born and raised in in Fort Worth, Texas. I began serving in Ministry right out of High School and have continued in one way or another ever since (20 years if we're doing the math- yikes!). I studied at Biola University and DBU where I majored in Communications and Theatre. I went on my first real mission trip to Ukraine my Freshman summer of college and caught the missionary bug. I learned what it meant to 'eat, breathe, sleep - Jesus' and had to fully depend on His grace and the help of the Holy Spirit and I couldn't get enough... a couple years later I ran off to Missionary School  at YWAM Tyler where I went on to serve in 6 different countries. I studied and got Christian Counseling Certification through University of the Nations. I met my husband doing Christian Community Theatre (yeah, its a thing haha) and it changed everything!  We have been married for 10 years and we have a beautiful miracle baby that just turned 6. He has taught me patience, how much I need the Holy Spirit every moment of every day, and that motherhood is my new mission field. Motherhood has been so isolating and if it wasn't for the amazing women in my life constantly holding up mirrors to remind me who I am and who God created me to be, I would have waved the white flag a long time ago. My co-host, Kristy, is one of those women. I am so grateful for her and our 25 year sisterhood. I can't wait to see what God does here, y'all, it's about to go down!!

Kristy Hollis

Comedic Relief

I am Kristy Hollis, native Texan and proud of where I come from. I began serving in ministry when I was eighteen and never stopped. I spent fifteen years in student and children's ministries and three years working with at risk youth within the Juvenile Justice system. Those three years, specifically, made me realize how important it is for a person to find their identity in Jesus Christ rather than in this world.  In the middle of working with all of the young people I received a Master's degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University, which started me on a crazy journey of saying yes to God. On this journey I met my husband and we now have three beautiful and crazy kids that have completely changed the course of my life. They have taught me what it means to completely trust and rely on God. Choosing a life with Christ does not always mean that it is the easiest path, but it DOES always mean that it is the best path, and the right path for me.  The Lord knows that I will always be a work in progress (I know it too) and that I need strong women around me to share their wisdom and knowledge as we do life together. So, let's share life and watch God move.

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