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By now, hopefully you have heard that Amanda and Kristy are participating in The Fives with the Believe Boldly Ministry. For five weeks they will be joining thousands of other believers around the world, waking up at 5AM every day Monday through Friday to spend an hour in prayer with God. Today, October 14, marks day one of week two, however, today we are discussing day two of week one. Not confusing at all, right? Last Tuesday the prompt discussed the story of Lazarus and how he was described as the one whom Jesus loved (John 11:2-3). Within the questions we were prompted to ask God to bring to mind a memory of a time that we felt completely and wholly loved?" Lazarus was so loved by Christ that he was the one chosen for the miraculous healing of being raised from the dead. John refers to himself as the disciple that Jesus loved. Some may think it arrogant of him, but I just wish that I could walk in the same confidence. To walk with my head held high, owning my identity as a beloved child of God. What would that look like? How would it feel? Isn't that how we all want to think of ourselves? As wholly and completely loved by God?

As Kristy and Amanda share their memories of feeling completely loved, they discuss the difference between love and the feeling of being twitterpated (thankyou Thumper for that amazing verb). The feeling that we remember was during a time of newness, freshness, and almost infatuation in a relationship. Bring in the every day stresses of life and it is almost impossible to keep those feelings going for long. Love, is continuous regardless of circumstances, and it may not always be something that we feel twitterpated about. But when it comes to love, we all have the yearning and desire to be swept off of our feet and carried away by a prince to his castle to live happily ever after. We look for someone to fill a role in our lives that they were never meant to play because, let me tell you, Jesus Christ is the only one who can save you from the mire. The one true God is the only one who can sweep you off of your feet and love you the way that your heart has always dreamed. There is a reason why marriage is used as an analogy to our relationship with Christ, but let's not confuse the two loves. We want someone who desires nothing else but to be in a relationship with us, that's God. We want someone who will love us no matter what we do, and doesn't even remember what we did after we apologize for screwing up; that's God again. How about this one, we want someone who would die for us. Christ did. God is the only one that is capable of making us feel wholly and completely loved, we just have to receive it. Join Amanda and Kristy this week as they discuss love, feeling loved, being loved and loving others well.

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