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Move Over

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Send Help Podcast! There are a lot of things that we are looking forward to in 2020. Some of us have eaten our black eyed peas and declared our resolutions. Some of us have heard our word for the year and are beginning to interweave that word and what it means into our DNA this year. Some of us have begun the year with fasting and praying. But we are all believing that this is OUR year. Our year for healing, for restoration, for victory, to become debt free, for weight loss, more sleep, no more diapers. Some of us are still believing that THIS will be the year that cars will finally learn to fly. Whatever we are believing for in 2020, the Send Help Podcast is declaring that this year will be the year that we all grow closer in our relationships with God; that we scooch in and snuggle close with the one that created us and grow in intimacy with Him.

Of course, in order for that to happen, we have to make room for Him in our lives. We all have things that take up room. We have spouses, children, jobs, hobbies, dishes, laundry, the gym, Netflix, Facebook, Snap Chat filters, Candy Crush, I could go on. We have things that take up space and time from our day. We also have things that take up space and time in our minds. We have things from the world around us that we have taken in, such as the influences of politics, movies, television, and other pop culture. We have thoughts. We plan, we talk to ourselves, we worry, we doubt, we overthink, some of us to the extent of having anxiety or depression. There are things in our lives that take up space and time from our day as well as things that consume our mind. After all of these things are accounted for, how much room have we made for God?

We all yearn to be closer to Him, but how much room does He really have in our lives? Is there something that needs to go in order to make more room? Do you need to stop reading through comments on Facebook posts or get off of the Marketplace and put your phone down? Do you need to stop looking at yourself with the filters on Snap Chat and begin to see yourself through the filter that God uses when He sees you? Are you binge watching on Netflix instead of picking up your Bible?

When we begin to notice that the voice of the world has become louder to us than the voice of God, it's time to make some changes and start making more room for Him. He will take up as much room as we will allow. He is able to come in and fill every crevice of our being with Himself... if we let him. We ask for a big God to show up in big ways. But,

the truth is that He can only be as big in our lives as we have given Him room to be. In Mark 4:24, Jesus tells us to "consider carefully what we hear. With the same measure we use, it will be measured to you" (NIV). What are we allowing ourselves to hear in 2020? Will it make God bigger or smaller in our lives?

Tune in to this weeks podcast as Amanda and Kristy talk about making more room for God in the new year.

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