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Bad Breath

Have you ever dove into a juicy burger, fully loaded with onions and all, and then unexpectedly found yourself in a close up conversation with someone? you can smell the onions and you know they can too. What about this situation: you're trying something new for the first time and that first bite is so horrible that you have to spit it out? What we put into our mouth can leave a lasting effect. The same is true in our spiritual lives as well. The enemy is searching for footholds in our lives and uses every opportunity to grab on to them. Maybe that amazing new show that everyone on Facebook is raving about is actually about a steamy extramarital love affair, or a group of women constantly stabbing one another in the backs. We take things in (eat foods) that are not the truth of the word of God. How does it effect our breath? I can hear you wondering. Did you happen to notice that perhaps when you started watching these shows your thoughts began to change? Maybe you began to have more irrational thoughts about your spouse or a group of friends. We either take these thoughts captive and replace them with the truth of the word of God, or we chew on them. After a while of chewing on these thoughts, it begins to come out in our attitudes, our words, and in our actions and reactions to other people (our breath). When we take in the word of God and chew on that, our breath smells more like the fruits of the spirit. 2 Corinthians 2:14-16 calls us to be a pleasing aroma of Christ and to spread that aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere. Does our aroma bring the death of onions, or the fruit of living a life with Christ? We are diving into this aromatic topic on this weeks podcast and we are so excited for you to join us. Listen on your favorite podcast platform, or click the link below.

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